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HBH Microwave was founded in 1999 and is located in Stutensee, part of the Technology Region of Karlsruhe. HBH Microwave provides solutions and engineering services in the field of communication, radio, radar and high frequency and microwave components development for customers worldwide. The company has been steadily growing and currently employs in total 50 engineers and qualified technical people. Due to the steadily growing business HBH Microwave recently extended the manufacturing facilities to 1200 m2. Since January 2020 HBH Microwave is part of TRUMPF Hüttinger, Freiburg.

HBH Microwave’s main business is the customer specific development of RF modules and sub-systems starting at VHF frequencies up to the mm-wave range for industrial applications and space. Clean room facilities ensure the use of high sophisticated technologies e.g. chip integration, fabrication of hybrid modules and space products. The company built flight models of X-band and S-band amplifiers for a successful space mission of DLR. HBH Microwave also has demonstrated expertise in the design and production of high power amplifiers for particle accelerators and of RF power generators for industrial heating and plasma generation.


TRUMPF Hüttinger has aquired microwave technology company HBH

Ditzingen / Freiburg, January 20, 2020

High-tech company TRUMPF Hüttinger has acquired HBH Microwave GmbH. This acquisition adds semiconductor-based, solid-state microwave generators to TRUMPF Hüttinger’s technology portfolio. These devices are used in industrial heating, drying and plasma applications, as well as in communications and radar technology. Another important market the company has in its sights is particle accelerators for research, medicine and industry.

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Ampere 2019, Valencia, Spain

HBH demonstrated their 2.4 GHz generator with 1 kW output power, including control and monitoring at the Ampere conference in Valencia, Spain

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