Quality Policy and Company Objectives

Since its founding in 1999, HBH Microwave has been providing high-quality engineering solutions and services in the areas of radio communication, radar, and high-frequency and microwave technology for customers in Germany and abroad.  We develop systems concepts and high-frequency modules and components per customer specifications.  We are ISO9001 certified and follow stringent quality guidelines in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and those of our customers.

HBH Microwave’s main business is the customer specific development of RF modules and sub-systems starting at VHF frequencies up to the mm-wave range for industrial and aerospace applications. Clean room facilities ensure the use of highly sophisticated technologies such as chip integration, fabrication of hybrid modules and space products.  We have demonstrated expertise in the design and production of high power amplifiers and switches for industrial and space applications. 


Our Customers  –  The Cornerstone of Our Success

Our products are being developed by strictly adhering to our customer’s requirements and specifications.  We are working closely with our customers to ensure that our know-how is fully utilized in providing the desired solutions.  Customer change requests are fully integrated into our development process.  A close working relationship with our customers, as well as a flexible response to customer requirements, is the basis for customer satisfaction.

Our Products  –  Innovative Technical Solutions

The quality of our highly sophisticated products is a direct result of our unique technological expertise and our mature in-house manufacturing processes.  We are constantly working to maintain our technology lead and zero manufacturing defects.

Our Employees – Our Partners Within the Company

Quality is the responsibility of all employees. We foster a spirit of cooperation within our company, working as partners within our teams and actively including our employees in the daily decision process.  Each employee is fully responsible for maintaining quality in his area of responsibility.  Demanding processes and technologies keep challenging and qualifying our employees while they perform their duties.  As a result, we maintain a highly motivated work force and keep performing to our enterprise targets.

Our Subcontractors – Our Partners and Source of Innovative Ideas

We consider our subcontractors our partners and treat them accordingly.  We include our key suppliers early during the development process and thus ensure the quality of our products.  Supplier manufacturing processes are selected early which ensures timely product delivery and provides our suppliers with early planning security.

Check of incoming goods.
Continuous quality monitoring during production process.