TRUMPF Hüttinger has aquired microwave technology company HBH

Ditzingen / Freiburg, January 20, 2020

High-tech company TRUMPF Hüttinger has acquired HBH Microwave GmbH. This acquisition adds semiconductor-based, solid-state microwave generators to TRUMPF Hüttinger’s technology portfolio. These devices are used in industrial heating, drying and plasma applications, as well as in communications and radar technology. Another important market the company has in its sights is particle accelerators for research, medicine and industry.

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Ampere 2019, Valencia, Spain

HBH demonstrated their 2.4 GHz generator with 1 kW output power, including control and monitoring at the Ampere conference in Valencia, Spain

NPAC 2019, Lansing, Michigan, USA

HBH participated the North American Particle Accelerator Conference in Lansing

Supplier Appreciation Award (FRIB)

Supplier Appreciation Award (FRIB)

In June HBH was recognized by the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) with the Supplier Appreciation Award shown above. This award recognizes HBH’s successful multi-year effort to design, develop and deliver 250 highly specialized Solid State Amplifiers for use in FRIB’s particle accelerator at Michigan State University, USA.

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ISD 2018 at ESTEC

HBH was present at the ISD 2018 at ESTEC, Nordwijk, The Netherlands, Booth K24.

Managing director Detlev Hollmann at the booth K24.