Modules for Software Defined Radio (SDR)

HBH developed and fabricates front ends for SDRs. Modern technology as chip on board, GaN as heat spreader, LTCC, thickfilm, thinfilm ceramics has been investigated.

Fast hopping  band filter

Cosite performance and selectivity of a radio system is given by the quality of the filters. For modern waveforms hopping rate of the filters must be > 2kHz.

Complete filter banks are available between  1 to 600 MHz, in the power range from 0.5W to 10W.

10 Watt Filterbank 30 – 400 MHz

2 Watt Filterbank, 30 – 600 MHz

1 Watt Filterbank, 1.5 – 30 MHz

Broad band amplifiers

Amplifiers in the range from 30 to 600 MHz, output  power up to 400W.

100Watt_amp-stage 100 Watt amplifier stage

Harmonic filters

Suppression of harmonics after the power amplifier.

Harmonic Filter Switchable filters from 30 to 600 MHz, 100W

Integrated radio front end

Due to the fact that the capability of MMIC design is available, as well as the technology as chip on board the complete integration is done in house. Those capabilities result in a drastic size reduction of the radio; e.g. as demonstrated in a hand held (200 – 470 MHz) whereas the size could be scaled down by a factor of 4.

Long range, high data rate transceiver

HBH developed a full duplex transceiver system with cosite capability with data rates from 2MBit/s up to 32 MBit/s.  Interface for the customer is Ethernet.


  • Robust broadband data link due to OFDM modulation and diversity receivers
  • System bandwidths selectable from 1 to  8 MHz
  • Full duplex
  • IP based network capability
  • Data rate up to 32 MBit/s
  • Receiver offers up to 6 x diversity 
  • Quality of service can be defined
  • Relais function possible
  • Encrypted AES, 128 Bit
  • COFDM with QPSK tested up to 500 km/h
  • Ethernet interface offers high flexibility 
  • Addional RS232 interface works in parallel 
  • Cosite capability

Video transmission railway application

For security systems a video recording from the platform into the train is requested. Several records from different platforms can be managed on one frequency, each railway can select it’s on video according actual platform. Installed systems demonstrate 15MBit/s  data rate at 5.8 GHz with low latency.


  • Unidiectional video transmission from platform to vehicle
  • Real time video transmission
  • Up to 4 video channels at one frequency
  • Low lattency, 0.3 sec. (optional 0.1 sec)
  • Free ISM band at 5.8 GHz
  • 16 MBit/s data rate
  • Robust against multipath propagation
  • Especially for non line of sight in tunnel
  • Tested up to 100 km/h
  • Encrypted transmission
  • Secure against record / replay attacks
  • OSD function (on-screen-display)
  • Option for IP-camera 
Blockdiagramm of OFDM transmitter up to 4 video channels at one frequency
Blockdiagramm of OFDM transmitter up to 4 video channels at one frequency
Transmitter on platform with video combiners

   Transmitter on platform with video combiners

Blockdiagramm of diversity receiver
Blockdiagramm of diversity receiver
Diversity receiver in vehicle

          Diversity receiver in vehicle