HBH modules in TerraSAR-X are now 10 years and TanDEM-X are 7 years in space- and counting.
Projected lifetime in orbit was for 5 years.

HBH has developed RF components for space applications since 2003. Several modules have been successfully integrated into the Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite TerraSAR and its decendent TanDEM.  The space products are produced in our clean room environment.

Certificated qualification

Special training and qualification is necessary for manufacturing and assembly of space products. Our technicians have to pass a special examination on high quality soldering in order to get the required ESA certification. 


X-band power amplifier

X-band power amplifier with 3 watts output power and 47 dB gain. The ampifier is built with several MMIC stages in a hermitically sealed housing. The bias and control circuits are build in SMD technology outside the RF module.

X-band limiting amplifier

X-band limiting amplifier used in the transmit path to drive the T/R modules at a constant power level.

S-band LNA

S-band LNA for low noise amplification of the down converted IF signal.
The amplifier has 26 dB gain.

X-band LNA

The X-band LNA amplifies the received signals from the T/R modules. It is build of discrete RF transistors on a Rogers RF substrate with interstage matching networks.

Calibaration network interfaces

This calibaration network interfaces with the frontend, the main RF unit and the redundent unit. It’s function is to route the calibration signals between theses units in the satellite.

LNA for phased array antennas with extremely low power.

For receive-only phased array antennas it is advantageous to place the LNAs directly on the antenna. Considering power consumption in a satellite the LNAs have to be low power devices. For this project a X-band LNA has been specially designed using a European foundry process. The final X-band LNA worked at 2V/10mA  with a noise figure of less than 2.2 dB or alternatively at 2,5V/15mA with a noise figure of less than 1.7 dB.

HBH Microwave Stutensee caption out of Space

X-Band radar image of HBH Microwave Stutensee seen through our amplifiers.

Test set-up of the low power X-band LNA in a housing with SMA connectors.

Test bench for on chip measurements of the
X-band LNA.